Had a nice assortment of bands in the studio the past couple of months. Here’s a little glance at a few of the projects we’ve had the pleasure of working on:

  • Did some recording and mixing with the Ludlow Thieves
  • Recorded American Darling‘s debut EP
  • Recorded final elements for Simone Stevens‘ full-length –  mixing will begin next month
  • Spent a couple days with  Your Friends and Neighbors, crafting their album.  Had a great time recording vocals, piano, and percussion.  Not sure how to describe their music, as is increasingly the case in this day and age.  The vague term “electronic rock” will have to do. Check ‘em out.
  • Mixed a full length by Moser’s Gambit

Also looking forward to working with a couple producers in the studio:

NYC-based record producer Felix McTeigue will be working out of the studio in the months to come. Looking forward to helping out with engineering duties on his various endeavors.

We also expect to be working closely with Dan Teicher on many projects to come.  He is a talented producer, arranger, songwriter and guitarist.

Other than that, I’ve been enjoying listening to Deerhunter’s album “Halcyon Digest”. No, sadly, I had nothing to do with its recording.  It is a wonderful album.

Till next month….