Dinowalrus was in the studio in early February for 5 days to record their second full-length album. All I can say is it’s going to sound awesome — very, very big and trippy. We’ll be mixing in March.

The latest installmentof the Brooklyn-Based song series is now up, featuring the band Soft Black. Each month, the fine folks at Brooklyn-Based pick a band or artist to record a song at Let ‘Em In. The band banged out a song in a couple hours and tracked everything live. One room, one band, one take. The way Ma and Pa would have done it.  Check out the song (entitled “Blonde Magic”) here.

Work continued on Mike Higbee’s full length album. Mike’s got a voice of gold, like an old-school crooner with a little more edge. Think oom-pah rock with a tinge of french folk-rock. NYC, NEW YORK