Check out Will Stratton’s “When You Let Your Hair Down“. The song was recorded and mixed at Let ‘Em In for the latest installment of the Brooklyn-Based Songs series. Will recorded the song in one take and we used four mics: a stereo pair  on the guitar, a vocal mic, and a room mic for ambience. We then added a little Roland Space Echo to the vocal for effect. For more on Will, check out his web site.

The month of May saw our biggest recording session yet (18 musicians!) with the Eon Contemporary Orchestra (ECO). The ECO is an ensemble of young professional musicians that records and promotes new music, specifically in the genres of film, rock, pop, indie, and world. We had a great time recording a couple original film score cues as well as an excellent rendition of Led Zep’s Kashmir, arranged by the orchestra’s principal conductor/artistic director Gabriel Lefkowitz. We’ll be posting the recording in the next couple of months.

The ECO recording an original film score cue at Let 'Em In.
The ECO recording at the Let 'Em In.

In other news, we’re quite pleased with how our hood is shaping up. New eateries and shops keep opening up, all a block away. Bodegas, bars, liquor stores, delis…some highlights:

The Rock Shop:  our fave music venue

Mission Dolores:  outdoor bar with a fantastic beer selection

The Root Hill Cafe: killer coffee and a damn good chicken salad sandwich.

Ivy Garden: a large (for NY at least) gourmet grocery store.

Oaxaca: great enchiladas and tortas.

The latest BB Songs series is up!  Every month, Brooklyn-Based picks a local artist to come record one song at Let ‘Em In. The band Motel Motel came in for this latest series and decided to flex their metal chops, straying far from their usual brand of indie folk/rock. They recorded a fairly-faithful cover of Mastodon’s Oblivion. I was pleasantly surprised with how it came out. Not bad for a bunch of indie rockers with fender amps.

Stay tuned for the next couple of BB series, to feature Ava Luna and Will Stratton, two very different but equally-talented bands. Brooklyn-Based does a great job of mixing things up and we’re thrilled to be a part of this.

We finally wrapped up mixing a new full-length with Dinowalrus (click on the link to preview some of the tunes). Dinowalrus have crafted quite a unique sound – psychedelic, but very much beat-driven…I guess you could say it’s psychedelic dance music. Check ‘em out!

And finally, American Darlings were in the studio finishing up an EP. They play guitar-heavy rock anthems and were just voted “Artist of the Month” for the month of May by The Deli mag.