Recorded a little bit of everything these past couple of months: rock, hip hop, orchestral music…  The photo below is from a Lady Lamb the Beekeeper session. Nadim and Aly have been hard at work on the album and it’s progressing quite nicely.

Good vibes with Lady Lamb the Beekeeper....

Pearl and the Beard was in the studio to record the next Brooklyn-Based Songs segment. The band covered Bon Iver’s “Re: Stacks”. They instilled in the song a lovely atmosphere and moodiness that isn’t really present in the original. They also played the song in triple-meter instead of duple-meter which seems to give it more propulsion. You can read the Brooklyn-Based interview here.

In January, we were pleased to host three days of orchestral sessions to record the score for a short film called “The Scout”. An homage to classic 80s Spielberg films like ET and The Goonies, the film’s score, composed by Andrew Morgan Smith, is very much in the style of John Williams.