We’re pleased to announce that anyone in the world can now experience the live room here at Let ‘Em In. Our studio was chosen by the fine folks at sonicscoop.com to be included as a reverb in the popular reverb software plug-in, Altiverb. This means that anyone with the software can pass a sound through our live room, as if it were recorded right here. This was done by taking what’s known as an “impulse response”, a kind of sonic blueprint, of the room. Read more about the process here. Why have they done this? Because our room sounds awesome, plain and simple.

Speaking of Sonic Scoop, If you haven’t checked it out yet, the site is quickly becoming an indispensable guide to the recording studio community of New York City. It is a trove of information. Want to know what it costs to record an album these days? Here’s another interesting article of theirs for which we were interviewed entitled “Producers weigh in on Kickstarter Recording Budgets”.

Alt-country/Americana band The Grand Prospect recorded and mixed an album with us over the course of 8 blistering days this summer. That is quick! A 6-piece band, it certainly helped that they tracked their songs together, live, as a group. It was also the right thing to do from an artistic standpoint: lot’s of authenticity and good energy on this one…


A Hypocrite & Slanderer write catchy anthemic rock songs and record them here. Here’s one of them:

Stephanie Ault’s lovely EP, From the Factory, is now available. It was produced by our friend Leo Sidran and is a collection of soulful ballads. Our upright piano is featured prominently, so if you’re wondering what it sounds like….

Recording “From the Factory” at Let ‘Em In
Kate Bush continues to be an inspiration for so many, and that’s a good thing in our opinion. Gabriel & the Hounds came into the studio in April to record a cover of Bush’s “Hounds of Love” for the latest installment of the Brooklyn-Based BB Songs feature. Our very own Nadim Issa got to tickle some ivory on it. Gabriel & the Hounds is the solo project of Gabe Levine, who also fronts the band Takka Takka. Our friend Bryan Bruchman stopped by to lend a hand as well, recording electric guitar, and snapping some nice shots, including the one below.
Gabe of Gabriel & the Hounds at Let ‘Em In. (photo courtesy of Bryan Bruchman)