It’s been a while since we posted, but it has been a great 2013. We are thrilled to have a new isolation booth, big enough to accommodate a drum set.  We’re also the proud new owners of a custom mixing desk designed by François Chambard. It is an inspiring piece to say the least!
Control Room
Our new mixing desk, designed by François Chambard
We’ve been teaming up with online publication The Wild Honey Pie for their Buzzsession series. For each Buzzsession, a band’s live performance is filmed and recorded at various locations in New York City. Here are a couple recent sessions that we worked on:

Sophie Madeleine was in the studio over the summer and early fall recording her lovely album Silent Cynic (produced by Nadim Issa).

We are pleased to announce that Pearl and the Beard is currently in the studio working with Nadim on their new album:

Pearl and the Beard at Let 'Em In
Pearl and the Beard tearing it up at Let ‘Em In

Ingrid Michaelson was in the studio to work on her upcoming album with drummer Elliot Jacobson and producer Chris Kuffner. Elliot  also came to record drums for Bess Rodger’s cover of Elliot Smith’s “Everything Means Nothing to Me”. A frequent guest at the studio, he was also recently featured in this Mansome video on how to play drums, shot at Let ‘Em In.

Field Mouse was in recording vocals for their forthcoming LP.

Producer Luke Moellman, a Let ‘Em In regular, has recently worked on a variety of projects at the studio including work on Lewis’ single “Hunter”, a forthcoming album by the Nathan Parker Smith large ensemble, and experimental jazz album Alligator Skin (clips below):

Golden Suits‘ lovely eponymous debut album was released on Yep Roc records this past August. Much of the album was recorded at the studio.