Let Em In was recently featured in a SonicScoop* article exploring techniques for processing the mix buss. The “mix buss” is where all of the various tracks and layers in a session (e.g., individual guitar, bass, and drum tracks, etc.) get summed into one stereo channel. Processing this stereo channel can often instill a little more energy and life into a mix. Take a look at the article for house engineer Nadim’s take on buss compression.

*SonicScoop is an online music production and recording publication covering the NYC area. It is an excellent resource for local engineer/producers and bands alike.

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Nadim Issa, attending to the mix buss


Nathan Parker Smith Large Ensemble‘s full-length album Not Dark Yet has been released on Brooklyn Jazz Underground Records.  Nathan Parker Smith composes heavy metal horn music. It is ferocious and intriguing music that has garnered favorable reviews from the likes of Burning Ambulance and Something Else! Reviews. The album was recorded at the studio. Check out a sampler below:


Synth-pop outfit Great Good Fine Ok recently released their Body Diamond EP, written and recorded at the studio (as well as various abodes). Check out their infectious tunes below:


Last but not least, Lady Lamb the Beekeeper was back in the studio working on the followup to her critically-aclaimed debut album Ripely Pine. Here’s a little shot of a recent string session for the album:

Co-producer Nadim Issa with Cellist Emily Hope Price and Violinist Emily Holden, for Lady Lamb the Beekeeper's sophomore studio album.
Co-producer Nadim Issa (center) with cellist Emily Hope Price (left) and violinist Emily Holden (right), for Lady Lamb the Beekeeper’s sophomore studio album.