Lady Lamb's new album 'After'
Lady Lamb’s new album ‘After’

Lady Lamb‘s new album After was released in March and has garnered favorable reviews from the likes of The New York Times, Rolling Stone, NPRThe Village Voice, Consequence of Sound, Pitchfork, and PopMatters. The album was recorded at the studio and co-produced by our in-house engineer/producer Nadim Issa (see the Village Voice article for a nice mention). If you haven’t checked After out, give it a listen! It can be found on all the usual outlets.

We ‘ve been teaming up with BreakThruRadio (BTR) for some live in-studio performances. Check them out below! Everything is tracked live with no overdubs and no studio trickery.

Let Em In was recently featured in a SonicScoop* article exploring techniques for processing the mix buss. The “mix buss” is where all of the various tracks and layers in a session (e.g., individual guitar, bass, and drum tracks, etc.) get summed into one stereo channel. Processing this stereo channel can often instill a little more energy and life into a mix. Take a look at the article for house engineer Nadim’s take on buss compression.

*SonicScoop is an online music production and recording publication covering the NYC area. It is an excellent resource for local engineer/producers and bands alike.

Go To Mix Buss
Nadim Issa, attending to the mix buss


Nathan Parker Smith Large Ensemble‘s full-length album Not Dark Yet has been released on Brooklyn Jazz Underground Records.  Nathan Parker Smith composes heavy metal horn music. It is ferocious and intriguing music that has garnered favorable reviews from the likes of Burning Ambulance and Something Else! Reviews. The album was recorded at the studio. Check out a sampler below:


Synth-pop outfit Great Good Fine Ok recently released their Body Diamond EP, written and recorded at the studio (as well as various abodes). Check out their infectious tunes below:


Last but not least, Lady Lamb the Beekeeper was back in the studio working on the followup to her critically-aclaimed debut album Ripely Pine. Here’s a little shot of a recent string session for the album:

Co-producer Nadim Issa with Cellist Emily Hope Price and Violinist Emily Holden, for Lady Lamb the Beekeeper's sophomore studio album.
Co-producer Nadim Issa (center) with cellist Emily Hope Price (left) and violinist Emily Holden (right), for Lady Lamb the Beekeeper’s sophomore studio album.

Ingrid Michaelson’s new album, Lights Out is out April 15. We had the pleasure of working with Ingrid and her drummer Elliot Jacobson to track some drums and percussion for a few songs. Check out the songs “Warpath” and “You Got Me” for a taste of what we worked on here.




Dinowalrus’ upcoming third album, Complexion was recorded entirely at the studio. Produced by the band, engineered by our own Nadim Issa, and mixed by Jorge Elbrecht, the album is scheduled to be released on June 3.  The first single off of the album, entitled “Psychic Pharmacy” is quite the space disco jam. Check it out on stereogum or consequence of sound.


Every now and again we get to work on a film project. Such was the case when actress Mackenzie Davis came in to record the jazz standard “After You’ve Gone” for the movie That Awkward Moment, starring Zach Efron, Michael B. Jordan, and Miles Teller. The recording was used prominently in a bar scene. Check out the song below.

Bonne année! We’re pleased to announce that Silent Cynic, the new album by Sophie Madeline was released this month. It was recorded at the studio and co-produced by Nadim Issa. Preview the whole album below:


Pearl and the Beard nears completion on their new album:

Pearl and the Beard

Pearl and the Beard

Pearl and the Beard


It’s been a while since we posted, but it has been a great 2013. We are thrilled to have a new isolation booth, big enough to accommodate a drum set.  We’re also the proud new owners of a custom mixing desk designed by François Chambard. It is an inspiring piece to say the least!
Control Room
Our new mixing desk, designed by François Chambard
We’ve been teaming up with online publication The Wild Honey Pie for their Buzzsession series. For each Buzzsession, a band’s live performance is filmed and recorded at various locations in New York City. Here are a couple recent sessions that we worked on:

Sophie Madeleine was in the studio over the summer and early fall recording her lovely album Silent Cynic (produced by Nadim Issa).

We are pleased to announce that Pearl and the Beard is currently in the studio working with Nadim on their new album:

Pearl and the Beard at Let 'Em In
Pearl and the Beard tearing it up at Let ‘Em In

Ingrid Michaelson was in the studio to work on her upcoming album with drummer Elliot Jacobson and producer Chris Kuffner. Elliot  also came to record drums for Bess Rodger’s cover of Elliot Smith’s “Everything Means Nothing to Me”. A frequent guest at the studio, he was also recently featured in this Mansome video on how to play drums, shot at Let ‘Em In.

Field Mouse was in recording vocals for their forthcoming LP.

Producer Luke Moellman, a Let ‘Em In regular, has recently worked on a variety of projects at the studio including work on Lewis’ single “Hunter”, a forthcoming album by the Nathan Parker Smith large ensemble, and experimental jazz album Alligator Skin (clips below):

Golden Suits‘ lovely eponymous debut album was released on Yep Roc records this past August. Much of the album was recorded at the studio.

We’re feeling energized for the year ahead here at Let ‘Em In. We’ve got some studio upgrades in the works, involving new gear (Apogee Symphony I/O, Purple Audio compressors, etc.) and an isolation booth addition. Even though we really love tracking bands together in our live room, the booth should appeal to bands seeking to “track live” while still permitting the isolation of certain instruments so that they may be heavily manipulated without affecting other sonic elements in the mix and vice versa.

February will see the release of Lady Lamb the Beekeeper’s ‘Ripely Pine’. Paste Magazine had these kind words to share about the album: “…Aly Spaltro spent the last nine months recording debut album Ripely Pine with Brooklynite Nadim Issa from Let ‘Em In Music. The duo has melded Spaltro’s poetic melodies and antique voice and created a genuine force of wonder”. Listen to “Rooftop”, the first single off the album:

We’re pleased to announce that anyone in the world can now experience the live room here at Let ‘Em In. Our studio was chosen by the fine folks at to be included as a reverb in the popular reverb software plug-in, Altiverb. This means that anyone with the software can pass a sound through our live room, as if it were recorded right here. This was done by taking what’s known as an “impulse response”, a kind of sonic blueprint, of the room. Read more about the process here. Why have they done this? Because our room sounds awesome, plain and simple.

Speaking of Sonic Scoop, If you haven’t checked it out yet, the site is quickly becoming an indispensable guide to the recording studio community of New York City. It is a trove of information. Want to know what it costs to record an album these days? Here’s another interesting article of theirs for which we were interviewed entitled “Producers weigh in on Kickstarter Recording Budgets”.

Alt-country/Americana band The Grand Prospect recorded and mixed an album with us over the course of 8 blistering days this summer. That is quick! A 6-piece band, it certainly helped that they tracked their songs together, live, as a group. It was also the right thing to do from an artistic standpoint: lot’s of authenticity and good energy on this one…


A Hypocrite & Slanderer write catchy anthemic rock songs and record them here. Here’s one of them:

Stephanie Ault’s lovely EP, From the Factory, is now available. It was produced by our friend Leo Sidran and is a collection of soulful ballads. Our upright piano is featured prominently, so if you’re wondering what it sounds like….

Recording “From the Factory” at Let ‘Em In
Kate Bush continues to be an inspiration for so many, and that’s a good thing in our opinion. Gabriel & the Hounds came into the studio in April to record a cover of Bush’s “Hounds of Love” for the latest installment of the Brooklyn-Based BB Songs feature. Our very own Nadim Issa got to tickle some ivory on it. Gabriel & the Hounds is the solo project of Gabe Levine, who also fronts the band Takka Takka. Our friend Bryan Bruchman stopped by to lend a hand as well, recording electric guitar, and snapping some nice shots, including the one below.
Gabe of Gabriel & the Hounds at Let ‘Em In. (photo courtesy of Bryan Bruchman)

Best Behavior, the 2nd full-length album from the band Dinowalrus was released March 6th on Old Flame Records. The album was recorded and mixed by Nadim at Let ‘Em In and has garnered strong reviews from notable sources, including Pitchfork, No Rip Cord, and Consequence of Sound (click the links for reviews).

Already looking ahead, the band were back in the studio in late March to work on their followup album. Our friend and neighbor Bryan B. dropped by for a couple hours one day and snapped some nice shots of the band for his blog, Subinev. We really couldn’t be happier working with the gents of Dinowalrus.

Best Behavior by Dinowalrus

Lady Lamb the Beekeeper continues to rack up the good press, landing the cover story in the latest issue of Performer Mag. We’re currently hard at work on her debut studio album. Its going to be a doozy.

April 2012 Issue of Performer Mag

Last but not least, check out the latest BB Songs piece featuring Hilly Eye. If you’re not familiar with Brooklyn-Based, it’s a blog/email newsletter that tracks events, people, and places of note in our fair borough. Every month or so, BB picks a band or artist to interview and they come to the studio to record one song. Sometimes it’s a cover song and sometimes it’s an original, as was the case with Hilly Eye. This is our 11th BB Songs feature and we’re loving it! Stay tuned for Hilly Eye’s debut 7″ out on Don Giovanni Records May 1st.

Recorded a little bit of everything these past couple of months: rock, hip hop, orchestral music…  The photo below is from a Lady Lamb the Beekeeper session. Nadim and Aly have been hard at work on the album and it’s progressing quite nicely.

Good vibes with Lady Lamb the Beekeeper....

Pearl and the Beard was in the studio to record the next Brooklyn-Based Songs segment. The band covered Bon Iver’s “Re: Stacks”. They instilled in the song a lovely atmosphere and moodiness that isn’t really present in the original. They also played the song in triple-meter instead of duple-meter which seems to give it more propulsion. You can read the Brooklyn-Based interview here.

In January, we were pleased to host three days of orchestral sessions to record the score for a short film called “The Scout”. An homage to classic 80s Spielberg films like ET and The Goonies, the film’s score, composed by Andrew Morgan Smith, is very much in the style of John Williams.