We’re feeling energized for the year ahead here at Let ‘Em In. We’ve got some studio upgrades in the works, involving new gear (Apogee Symphony I/O, Purple Audio compressors, etc.) and an isolation booth addition. Even though we really love tracking bands together in our live room, the booth should appeal to bands seeking to “track live” while still permitting the isolation of certain instruments so that they may be heavily manipulated without affecting other sonic elements in the mix and vice versa.

February will see the release of Lady Lamb the Beekeeper’s ‘Ripely Pine’. Paste Magazine had these kind words to share about the album: “…Aly Spaltro spent the last nine months recording debut album Ripely Pine with Brooklynite Nadim Issa from Let ‘Em In Music. The duo has melded Spaltro’s poetic melodies and antique voice and created a genuine force of wonder”. Listen to “Rooftop”, the first single off the album:

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